Sanctions on Russia

The drop in the world price of oil is making life difficult for oil producing countries. The reason for the price drop, we are told, is because OPEC could not agree to cut production in order to keep prices from falling.
Those of us who surf the alternate press will know there is another explanation for this. The mainstream media ether doesn’t know about it or doesn’t want us to know.
A report titled, “The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal/on Syria” reveals a plan for Saudi Arabia to reduce the price of oil with the goal of effecting regime changes in Russia, Iran and Syria.
To complement this plan, a group of mostly NATO countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. The ostensible reason for this is because of Russia annexing Crimea but suspicious minds believe it is just another way to hasten the ruin of the Russian economy.
Now Vladimir Putin has signed a military doctrine that names NATO as Russia’s top external threat.
Here is a question for all of us who live in these NATO countries, “How has ruining the economies of other countries worked for us so far”? It has worked out just ducky in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya hasn’t it? If we like what we have done to those four countries, we are going to love what we are doing to Russia.
If this weren’t so serious it would be funny. But then there isn’t much funny about a nuclear war is there?

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