Harper & Trudeau

I felt my blood pressure rising as I read the comments of Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau regarding the killing of two Canadian solders in Ontario and Quebec.

I want to be clear, these two senseless killing will rend the heart of anyone who has one, and the expressions of sympathy from these two political leaders were quite appropriate in that regard.  Then the politics cut in. They should have quit while they were up.

Do these two political leaders know that we (mostly NATO countries) have carried out a million times more acts of terror on middle Asian countries than they on us?

We don’t carry out random acts of terror, we destroy whole countries. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the list goes on. We have created millions of refugees and killed millions of civilians and left their countries in ruin.

George W Bush said these people hate us for our freedoms. No, they hate us for our bombing them and torturing them in prisons like Abu Ghrab in Iraq, Bagram Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay.  Think of the grief the anger and the pain we have wrought.

As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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