Why Cuba?

In October 2005 a devastating earthquake ripped through northern Pakistan, killing 75000 persons, leaving 100,000 injured and more than 3 million homeless.

An appeal for international aid went out and one country’s response was above all others. That one country was Cuba. Cuba responded by sending 2,378 medical practitioners, including doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff   Cuban medics served 44 locations with 30 field hospitals. They saved 1,315 lives, preformed 5,925 surgeries and attended 125 births including 24 Caesarean sections.

In 2008 torrential rains caused landslides in Bolivia, killing many persons and leaving over 12000 families homeless. Again Cuba responded, sending 15.7 tons of medicines, 20 field hospitals and 150 volunteer medical specialists.

When the disastrous earthquake struck Haiti on January 12 this year, aid poured in from around the world. Cuba however was already there. Since 1998 Cuba has had over 600 doctors, paramedics and health technicians working there, providing free medical care to Haitians. In addition, Haiti has 450 young Haitians doctors who have been trained free of charge in Cuban collages. In the wake of the earthquake Cuba has sent another team of 60 doctors and health workers to Haiti. Cuba also sent 10 tons of medications.

Why it is then, when we listen to our mainstream news providers, we hear about the good work of other aid agencies but never a word about Cuba?

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