How would We React?

July 11 2005

I wonder how Canadians would react if we were invaded by two superpowers, our major cities reduced to rubble, our resources sold to the lowest bidders and one hundred thousand of our people killed.  Would we respond with acts of terror on innocent civilians in the invading countries? I hope not.  Killing innocent people can never be justified. But how many of us would act rationally when our children are being killed, maimed and starved?

The only way to stop terrorism is to put an end to our own acts of terror. Right now the United States and Britain are two of the world’s biggest terrorist nations but Canada is not far behind. Within just ten years we have invaded counties in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Haiti. None of these invasions were authorized by the United Nations and none were justified.

Don’t think for a moment that these unlawful intrusions have gone unnoticed by those that kill innocent civilians in reprisal.

Why is it that when a few dozen are killed by bombs in London it is terrorism but when Britain kills a few thousand in Iraq it is not?  Will we correctly blame Canada’s foreign intrusions if someone bombs us?

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