January 15 2005

My guess is, most Canadians don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Canada’s role in Haiti, but they should.  Haiti is a political, economic, human rights mess and Canada is there helping to keep it that way.

A coup against the constitutional government of Haiti, which took place last year, has given rise to massive human rights violations.  Under the interim government, backed by the United States, Canada and France, human rights conditions are worse in Haiti now then they have been in years.

Members of the deposed Aristide government are being beaten, executed or thrown in prison without being charged and Canada is there training the very forces that are guilty of many of these atrocities.

Slowly word is leaking out and when Canadians learn the full extent of our complicity they will be outraged.

The Paul Martin government must be forced to withdraw from Haiti and apologize to Haiti for this misadventure..

Governments do respond to public opinion.   The Prime Minister can be emailed at martin.p@parl.gc.ca and a letter to him addressed to he House of Commons doesn’t even require a stamp.

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