Ask For A Radwanski

April 10 2006

George Radwanski will be remembered as the Privacy Commissioner who “outraged and saddened” Auditor-General Sheila Fraser by his abuse of power, reign of terror, lavish unjustafiable expenses and cronyism. However the favors handed him by Revenue Canada has not generated as much publicity.

A few days before he got his plush government appointment he was allowed to clear $557,000 in back taxes with a lump-sum payment of $62,726 —a bit more than 11c for every dollar that he owed.

Next spring when income tax time roles around, I think we should all ask for a “Radwanski.”  That is we’ll pay 11% of the amount owing and promise to remit the rest when Radwanski pays his.  After all, what’s fair for one is fair for all don’t you think?

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