Ignatieff Is Scary

October 6 2006

Michael Ignatieff is scary and I know why.  If he had been Prime Minister in the spring of 2003, Canadian soldiers would be dying in Iraq today.

I didn’t support going to Iraq because I knew a lot of things Ignatieff didn’t seem to know.

I knew these same neocons that now inhabit the White House had plans to invade Iraq to secure its oil reserves long before the 9/11 attack.  I knew because they said so in a document called The Project for the New American Century.

I knew that Hans Blix, the United Nations head weapons inspector, said he had discovered no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but would need a few more months to know for sure.

I knew retired weapons inspector Scott Ritter said that 95% of the weapons had been destroyed and the rest, if there were any, would have deteriorated over time or have been destroyed by the Operation Desert Fox bombing of Iraq.

I knew that in 1982 President Reagan removed Iraq from the list of states that sponsor terrorism.

I knew that when Saddam Hussein was at his bloody worst, the U.S. was supplying him with chemical weapons.

I knew because the U.S. senate Riegle Report said so.

I knew as well that Donald Rumsfeld was in Iraq in 1983, just after Saddam Hussein had gassed the Iranians, presenting him with a set of golden spurs from Ronald Reagan.

Why did I know all these things and Michael Ignatieff didn’t?  There is one other possible explanation.  Maybe he did know all these things and wanted to invade Iraq anyway.

Now that’s really scary.

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