The Accountability Act

Letters to my MP

September 8, 2008

I thought our Conservative government in Ottawa would not want to draw attention to its record on government accountability.  I was wrong.
The last pamphlet that I got from my MP David Anderson had this little gem in it.
“Accountability- We promised to bring more accountability to the federal government.  We delivered.  The Accountability Act was one of our biggest priorities.  We’ve brought good, accountable government to Ottawa.”
According to Democracy Watch ( the Conservative Party of Canada had the best accountability policy. It promised 57 reforms. So what did the Conservatives deliver?
The Accountability Act (Bill C-2) when it was introduced kept only 30 of the 57 promises. But wait; there is still one of the 30 yet to be implemented.  So the government has kept 29of its 57 promises, or 50.8%.  Still Mr. Anderson says, “We delivered.” On the other hand maybe 50.8% is about all we should expect from this government.

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