Family Structure

September 16, 2003

Alliance MP. David Anderson is quoted in the press (Sept. 13) saying, “Every culture that has fallen has disintegrated when the family structure was torn apart either by internal war, outside pressures or by immorality.” The chasm between Anderson’s lofty statement and his actions should not go unchallenged.

Last March in his “Ottawa Report,” Anderson asked his constituents to join the Alliance party in its quest for the invasion of Iraq.  Anderson and his Party ignored the voices of reason that said the zeal for this war was based on a tissue of lies. This has now been confirmed but, instead of an apology from the Alliance for this misadventure, it has remained silent.

Imagine the “disintegrated” families of the six thousand innocent Iraqis and the three hundred and fifty Coalition soldiers killed in this war.

Anderson would be wise to spend some time mourning the “family structure‑‑‑‑torn apart,” by him and his ilk that supported this immoral, illegal invasion of Iraq.

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